Midwestern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Wichita, Kansas - September 30-October 3, 2010
"The Essential Eighteenth Century"


Thursday, September 30


Session 1a: Diggings: Explorations of Eighteenth-Century Archeology
Chair: Tom Prasch, Washburn University
Tom Prasch, Washburn University, “Clear Away Rubbish and Lay A Foundation”
Margaret Wood , Washburn University, “Antiquarians to Archeologists”
Hannah Thompson, Washburn University, “Thunder in the Pyramids”

Session 1b: Essential Gothic
Chair: Lexi Stuckey, University of Tulsa
Mark Rideout, University of Tulsa, “Into the Woods/Out of the Woods”
Ashley Schoppe, University of Tulsa, “The Wronged Daughter Vindicated”
Lexi Stuckey, University of Tulsa, “Ann Radcliffe: Radical and Reactionary”

Musical Interlude 4:30-5:30

Hors d'œuvres and cash bar

Friday, October 1


Session 2a: Buried Treasure: What Pirate Movies Teach Us
Chair: Chris Brooke, Wichita State University
Rebecca Rawls, Wichita State University, “Romancing the Buccaneer”
Jennifer Kaeser, Wichita State University, “Cultural Interactions in Classic Pirate Films”
Chris Brooks, Wichita State University, “King’s Crossing: Anti-Monarchial Motives for Pirates”

Session 2b: Essentially Romantic
Chair: Kathleen Leicht, University of Central Missouri
Brandon Phillips, Hunter College, NYC, “The construction of Villainy in the Romantic Canon ”
Ruth Knezevich, University of Missouri, “Folk Infatuations: Ballads in Scott's Waverly
Melissa Antonnucci, University of Tulsa, “Revolution & Female Transvestism in The Monk and Ormond

Friday 10:45-12:00

Session 3a: Pirates II
Chair: Chris Brooks, Wichita State University
Paul McCallum, Pittsburg State, “Downey, Depp, and Dissing Dryden"
Jessie Irvin, Wichita State University, “The East India Trading Company & Pirates of the Caribbean
Bridgitte Roussel, Wichita State University, “Pirates and the French Scene”

Session 3b: The Sublime
Chair: Corey Andrews, Youngstown State University
Bethany Bowen, University of Missouri, “The Sublime in Adelbert Stifter's Berkristall
Corey Andrews, Youngstown State University, “Oppressive Regard: Women Writing About Burns”

Lunch on your own in Old Town

Friday 1:30-2:45

Session 4a: Europe
Chair: Ron Rarick, Ball State University
Ron Rarick, Ball State University, “From Paris to Rome in 1771”
Kim Morse, Washburn University, “The Shot Heard Across the Plaza: Eighteenth-Century Transformations in a Venezuelan Microcosm”
Jeanne Hageman, North Dakota State University, “Bastien et Bastienne: Influences, Hierarchies & Attributes”

Session 4b: Defoe
Chair: Kit Kincade, Indiana State University
Kit Kincade, Indiana State University, “Editing Defoe”
Caitlin Kelly, University of Missouri, “Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year
Andrew J. Hamilton, Viterbo University, “Trade Morality and the Middle Class”

Friday 3:00-4:45

Session 5a: Jane Austen
Chair: Sheila Hwang, Webster University
Lila Graves, University of Alabama, Birmingham, “Marriage and Property Law in Austen's Persuasion
Richard Eversole, University of Kansas, “Austen's Northanger Abbey as a Female Quixote”
Margaret Wye, “Lord Chandos to Henry Austen”

Session 5b: Philosophy
Chair: J. David Macey, University of Central Oklahoma
Lindsay Dearinger, University of Central Oklahoma, “The Subject of Certainty”
Earl Ramsey, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, “Matthew Prior on Montaigne and Locke”
Juliette Paul, University of Missouri, “Mary Wollstonecraft's Transatlantic Devil”

Friday 5:00-6:00
Plenary Speaker: Ron McCoy, PhD, Professor of History and Director, Center for Oklahoma Studies, Oklahoma State University. "'Amidst the Winds:' 18th-Century Native Americans in Kansas."

Friday 5:00-6:00
Conference Banquet

Saturday, October 2

Business Meeting - MWASECS board and any interested parties--all conferees welcome


Session 6a: Debating Religion
Chair: Tom Prasch, Washburn University
Amanda Fike, Washburn University, “John Adams and the Defense of Establishment”
Kevin Burton, Washburn University, “Alexander Hamilton: Religion as Political Weapon”
Alan Bearman, Washburn University, “James Madison and Reformed Theology”

Session 6b: Narrative
Chair: Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma
Kelley Weztel, Murray State University, “Entitled to Authority: Rasselas's Title page”
Devoney Looser, University of Missouri, “Frances Burney: Memorialist”
Eric Leuschner, Fort Hays State University, “Prefacing Things”

Saturday 11:00-12:15

Session 7a: The Novel
Chair: Richard Eversole, University of Kansas
Denys Van Renen, University of Indiana, “Local Climate, Global commerce in Humphry Clinker
Jeanine Casler, Northwestern University, “Cutting in Order to Heal: Maria Edgeworth”
J. David Macey, University of Central Oklahoma, “Very Pretty Principles to be Sure”

Session 7b: America
Chair: Fred Witzig, Monmouth College
Jacob Bell, “Race and Religion in the Colonial Gothic”
Diana Dabeck, Florida International University, “Morals and Manners in Royall Tyler's The Contrast


Conference Luncheon

Saturday 2:00-3:15

Session 8: Theatre
Chair: J. Karen Ray, Washburn University
Kristin Johnson, Cal State Fresno, “The Truth behind the Disguise”
Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma, “Garrick, Shakespeare, & the Stratford Jubilee”
Jennifer L. Airey, University of Tulsa, “The Female Avenger in Settle's Love and Revenge

Wichita, Sedwick County Museum (admission in conference fee)

Saturday evening TBA